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Australian Dental Council (ADC) examination preparatory course

Are you an experienced dentist who is going to sit the ADC exams soon?

We can help you pass the exam through an online one-on-one crash course that will equip you with what it takes to pass the exam.
This course will meet your unique needs and busy schedule. Video conference is the method of mentoring; however, face to face teaching will be available if it is required.

Our tutor is a high caliber dentist who has worked as a dental educator, mentor, and university professor.

We will modify your approach and help you grow your confidence. We will give you exam clues and essential tips and tricks.

We will also refresh the first principles and the necessary assessment process not to jump ahead but meet the exam requirements.

Please be informed that we recommend doing part one and part 2 together because they are closely linked together. Your information and knowledge in part one will give you the confidence to pass the part 2 ADC exam.

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Part One /Written exam/ ADC

Paper 1                        Paper 2

Paper 3                        Paper 4

Important information  for each paper:

You will be guided for key information and knowledge that will need to know to be able to pass the exam

Paper 1 Paper 2 Paper 3 Paper 4
- 6 hours one-on-one tutoringimage1.                                                                     Taking the right approach
- Avoiding critical errors
- Level assessment and feedback
- Key issues
- Time management
- Answers to your questions
- A short guide tutorial to pass the exam
- You can schedule your sessions in hours or after hours
- You can schedule your sessions on weekends
- You can start NOW!
- 6 hours one-on-one tutoring.image3 - 6 hours one-on-one tutoringimage2. - 6 hours one-on-one tutoringimage4.

 Success guaranteed!

Part two/ preclinical assessment/ADC

3-Week extensive Course (restorative course)
- 30 hours of one-on-one tutoring (10 hours per week). It covers all exam components. No time is wasted with other students.

- This one-on-one course can be scheduled on (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) at the time of your convenience and addresses your level of knowledge and performance.

-It measures your improvement against the restorative or OSCE exam requirements and provides you with constant feedback and guidance.

- Our friendly and a very experienced tutor will train you and build your approach step by step in order to develop your skills for the exam and explain to you any gap in your knowledge.

- – This course is suitable for those who don’t want to risk sitting the exam without being ready.

Success guaranteed!

OSCE Short Course/ADC

-6 hours of one-on-one tutoring
-Taking the right approach
-Avoiding critical errors
-Level assessment and feedback
-Key issues
-Time management
-Answers to your questions
-A short guide tutorial to pass the exam
-You can schedule your sessions in hours or after hours
-You can schedule your sessions on weekends


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