Our Approach

At Kind Dental Prospect, we combine an “old-school” approach to patient care with the latest dental treatment techniques.

We don’t just treat your teeth, we treat you as a whole person. That means being conscious of some of the challenges facing you and your family.

We focus on providing:

  • Kind, caring and thorough treatments.
  • Time to understand your needs and desired dental outcomes.
  • Time to discuss all your treatment options.
  • Sensitivity towards families that may have tight budgets.

We are committed to aligning dentistry to your needs and we will never take a “sales approach” to your care or promote the most expensive treatments. Most importantly, we work as preventative dentists — spending the time to analyze, understand and develop a treatment plan that will put you on a path to minimal invasive dentistry. Our genuine desire is that we work with you so that you only need to visit us twice a year for a checkup, clean, polish (and chat of course!)

What to expect on your first visit:

We’re never too busy to meet new friends!

We’ll take the time to get to know you, your likes and dislikes (and fears). During this chat, we will take a full medical history and discuss any problems or pain you may be experiencing.

After this we will perform a thorough examination to get a better picture of your oral health. We will examine your mouth, teeth, gums and throat thoroughly. This may require X-rays, pictures and intraoral camera. We’ll discuss any concerns and then formulate a treatment plan before arranging a follow-up visit.

Once we know you and your teeth, we can determine what dental treatment will meet your needs and answer any questions you may have.

Finally, we will ensure that you are given the skills and knowledge you need to maintain your own oral health, reducing the risk of pain, dental infection and the need for emergency dental visits.

We encourage you to talk to us and to ask questions – An informed and involved patient is more likely to be a healthy patient.

Children at our surgery

Both our dentists and dental assistants have extensive experience working with children. Dr’s Ellakwa and Burke have both worked in children’s dentistry departments’ at large dental hospitals, and as part of their teaching roles at The University of Sydney. Drawing on this, Kind Dental welcomes patients of all ages at our Prospect practice. We aim to provide a dental experience where your children have fun, feel comfortable, and are happy to visit the dentist. Through this we want children to develop an interest in their oral health that will last their whole lives.