Payment & Finance

Kind Dental Prospect aims to provide high-quality dental care to the whole community. We understand that the cost of dental treatment can present a challenge to the family budget. That’s why we have developed a philosophy within the practice to ensure that we are able to provide you with the dental care you need:

1. We provide patients with all treatment options.

Often there are multiple treatment options available with different costs. We won’t limit ourselves to presenting you with the most expensive option, or pressure you into selecting this. We will present to you the costs, benefits and considerations for all suitable treatment options so you are able to make an informed choice both on the suitability of the treatment and its cost.

2. We minimise our practice costs.
While we have invested in the latest quality dental equipment, we keep other overheads low so we can offer dental services at reasonable cost to you. We don’t have to cover the cost of expensive shopping centre locations, advertising & marketing campaigns or luxurious décor and additional “spa-style pampering” during your appointment.
This ensures we are able to keep costs in line with the core of the dental treatment provided to you, rather than including additional extras you may not require.

3. We charge competitive industry prices.
Whilst we tend not to provide “free” treatment, here at Kind Dental we are constantly reviewing the average cost of dental treatment procedures in NSW and Sydney and benchmark ourselves against these. We ensure that the cost of dental treatment is in line with average or even slightly below the average cost relative to NSW / Sydney data. We strive to ensure that you feel treatment is not only expert, friendly, & of high quality but also good value for the expertise and treatment we provide to you.

Payment Options

• You can make instant claims from your health fund or Medicare at the end of your appointment via HICAPS. This way you need only pay the gap that is due rather than the full cost of treatment.
• We accept all private health funds. Depending on your level of coverage, some treatments maybe provided at no additional cost (no gap) to you.
• We generally bulk bill Medicare-supported treatment on your behalf. In these cases the treatment will be provided at no out of pocket expense cost to you.
• For any complex treatment that stretches over multiple appointments Kind Dental does not require payment up front for all costs involved. We will sit down and discuss with you how we can spread the cost out over the course of your treatment.
• Kind Dental will consider establishing an account for people that have been regular patients for more than 18 months. Establishment of an installment account is at the discretion of the practice and is not available for first visits or emergency treatment.
• If Kind Dental cannot set up an account for you, an alternative is Mediplan. Mediplan is a flexible funding plan specifically designed for the payment of dental treatment. It can be used to pay for most treatments and procedures, or cover private health cover gap payments.
• We bulk-bill eligible children aged 2-17, under the The Child Dental Benefits Schedule.
For more information on eligibility and treatment provided under this scheme, please refer to The Child Dental Benefits Schedule website or ask at the surgery.
•  Some community health centers give Community Health Dental Vouchers to be used at private dental clinics, where the community dental clinic cannot provide the service. These vouchers are valid for six months from the time of issue and only cover certain procedures. If you have one of these vouchers please contact Kind Dental to discuss.
• If you are a veteran with a Gold Repatriation Health Card, the Department of Veterans’ Affairs will pay for most dental services necessary to meet a clinical need,if they are provided under DVA arrangements. If you have a white card and do not have a war-caused disability that relates to teeth, gums or jaw — you may be still eligible for dental treatment if the dental treatment is required to treat a condition which is a consequence of your war-caused disability or malignant cancer (neoplasia). This treatment will require prior approval before it begins.

We accept credit cards (Visa/MasterCard/EFT), cash, cheque and direct debit.